Surely the fastest way to Serbian citizenship is the one dictated by your origin, while also being a direct path, as you don’t have to bother with residence permit’s matters prior to it (if you do, check our articles on Living in Serbia and residence permit in Serbia and Serbian citizenship and Serbian passport). So, if you are born to both parents being Serbian citizens, or to the one parent being that while you are born on Serbian ground, or you were born abroad to the one Serbian parent while other is missing or unknown, you are eligible to be registered as Serbian citizen based on your origin. Even in the case when you were born outside of Serbia, to only one Serbian parent while the other one is known and present, you can apply for Serbian citizenship until you turn 23 years of age.

Above stated would indicate that you are eligible for Serbian citizenship in case of having Serbian origin, only if you are under 23 years old. Well yes, but Serbian law also left an additional path to the citizenship, one by descent, which leaves you the option to go for it even if you are the above-mentioned age limit. Plus to that, this approach even gives you the opportunity to be considered eligible even if your grandparents or their parents were Serbian citizens, while exemption of that characteristics exists for their descendants, as long as they emigrated Serbia in some point of their lives and stayed abroad. What we are talking about here is situation in which your parent or grandparent (or above that) who had Serbian citizenship emigrated from Serbia permanently, which basically gives you right to apply for Serbian citizenship no matter the fact you were not born here or not being under 23 years of age or even not being born to the Serbian parent. So, to recap, as long as you can prove that you are lineal or direct descendant from permanently emigrated Serbian citizen you have a chance of applying for Serbian citizenship, which then casts a much wider net of possibilities for you of becoming a full member of Serbian society.

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