There are multiple ways in obtaining Serbian citizenship, ranging from lengthy time requirements demanding you to spend quite a number of years here, to the rather direct applications leading to the outright grant of the one. We have covered the regular path to Serbian citizenship leading through temporary and permanent residence permits in our blog story SERBIAN CITIZENSHIP AND SERBIAN PASSPORT, while direct application based on Serbian origin or descent is detailed in story SERBIAN CITIZENSHIP BY ORIGIN OR DESCENT.

Besides just mentioned, there are other ways of obtaining Serbian citizenship rather directly and they are all conditioned by the existence of special interest of the Serbian state to grant citizenship to a certain individual. That special interest can be caused by various elements, for example, high-value investment in Serbia, various political and strategic reasons, possession of special skills, knowledge, fame… One of those elements could also be sport, so if you are a professional and successful sportsman or sportswoman in any variety of recognized competitive physical activities or games, you will be pleased to learn that obtaining Serbian citizenship through sport does indeed seem possible. Naturally, in order for somebody to obtain Serbian citizenship through sport reasons, the certain procedure has to be followed and positive appraisal has to be granted by several Government institutions. It all depends quite heavily on your CV explaining your sporting achievements which first needs to be positively marked by the National Alliance or Association for the sport in question, after being handed to further approvals by Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Internal Affairs, before it finally lands on the desk of the Government of Serbia.

Although the above-stated bit detailing about getting Serbian citizenship through sport might appear a bit complicated, it is actually not, as it is quite straightforward if you have proper and adequate legal representation through the whole process. So, if you had any plans of continuing your professional life story on the Serbian green fields, pitches, courts, tarmacs, chess boards, or any other applicable surfaces, feel free to ask for assistance from our immigration lawyers who will be here to offer that proper and adequate legal care of your needs. In regards to all that has been said feel free to check our website, our Homepage, especially our Contact page, while with our law office in Belgrade, law office in Novi Sad or other law offices, we are glad to be at your disposal.