Can someone open a bank account in Serbia as a foreigner? What if the same foreigner desires to execute everything from abroad, is it possible? Can a foreign company open a bank account in Serbia without having a branch or representative office there? Can a foreign company organize everything without its representatives traveling to Serbia?

Answer to all questions is simply “Yes”. Foreign individuals and foreign companies can freely choose between almost thirty banks currently present in Serbia and open a bank account at the chosen one without there presence on Serbian ground. Additionally, MasterCard and Visa cards issued by Serbian banks are suitable for use pretty much all over the world, while an offer of online banking in the majority of cases further sweetens the deal.

Although, it would be important to note that the procedure for bank account opening varies greatly in the case of individuals vs companies. Opening a bank account in Serbia for foreign individuals usually involves verified power of attorney and passport copy of future account owner, while in case of companies list of necessary documentation stretches quite a lot further (certificate from Business Registry for company in question and other companies owning that company in question, official document showing tax number, signature card used in company’s home country, passport copy of company’s director and company’s owners, power of attorney, bank’s specimen signature card and possibly some other document depending on bank in question).

So, if you wish as a representative of the foreign company or simply as a person to open a bank account in Serbia, while you are not so interested in traveling here and doing it yourself, or you are here already but you would rather prefer a professional assistance for the matter, feel free to check our website, our Homepage, especially our Contact page, while with our law office in Belgradelaw office in Novi Sad or other law offices, as we are glad to be at your service.