Reasons for someone’s wish, when the person is not living in Serbia, to acquire real estate in Serbia can be various. Personal needs like the desire to live there, marriage with Serbian citizen or reasons of business nature like new workplace locate there, desire to start a business or else. Rules for safe acquiring of real estate in Serbia are same as everywhere, regarding any reason stated above, and it should be followed, especially keeping in mind that buying real estate is often big expense.

law-office-belgrade-in-serbiaFirst step is always a choice between available real estates and you can find them by searching the internet, by contacting real estate agency or by contacting law office dealing with that kind of issue. Real estate that attracts your attention should always be inspected by personal presence or presence of someone working for you because pictures can sometimes be misleading. If everything proves suitable, real work is just starting. The most important issue should be legal status of real estate. That is reason perhaps why law office is most suitable to make your purchase completely safe.

In order to avoid any kind of future problems, real state should be in property of person willing to sell it, without any easement, with all building and use permits… You could check some of this things by yourself, but you cannot do it thoroughly and efficiently like professional, especially in case if seller is trying to cover up some details. Often, reason for low price of real estate can be unresolved question of ownership, co-ownership, easement, lack of construction permit or case of exceeding construction permit and many of this problems can be solved, but you should always bear in mind risk of possible failure. Buying real estate with unresolved issue is always gamble and it is not recommended to try it yourself without professional opinion. If you desire real estate without any issues connected to it, you would again need professional help to establish lack of any issues.

If you had in mind real estate located here, with our law office in Belgrade, Serbia and through cooperation with law offices in Novi Sad, Serbia, we will provide that professional assistance needed for achieving a quiet mind after purchase. Our contact details are located on Contact page and if you need our help don’t hesitate to contact us.