Doing business internationally is always caring extra risk with it. It is always harder to get  insight in business conduct of foreign company. When creditor­debtor relations are  streching it self across country or even continent borders, in case of problems when  creditor is not familiar with them, seeing solution in his eyes can result in discouraging  feelings. But in terms of law, situation is pretty simple and not much different from  situation when creditor and debtor are in same country.

What to do in case of problems when debtor is located in Serbia? First you should hire law office in Serbia, preferably law office from Belgrade (capital city) or law office in Novi  Sad (second largest city), because most of companies and most of government and  judicial institutions are located in these cities as you can see on Links page.

After hiring Serbian lawyer your task is provide adequate documentation for dispute  solution and rest is on him. If you have all necessary documentation accompanying your  business transactions, court procedures can be easy and relatively quick and if you don’t,  be prepared to be patient, so it is important to keep in mind this before starting business  cooperation with somebody.

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