In order to fulfill your every legal need, through our cooperation with other law offices, we have created the distinctive legal team as a mixture of experience and wisdom that comes with years, together with forcefulness and determination linked to younger people, so we can all together provide best results.

Attorney at law Marija Ilić

Member of Belgrade Bar Association from year 2011 and also obtained master degree in business law. She has specialized herself in Civil law and litigation, together with legal advices and consultations. Speaks English and Spanish language.

Associate Đorđe (George) Mijatov

Worked for one year in Land consolidation and in Department of urban planning, after that two years as legal representative of association Kolona srca, and finally settled in law practice. From the year 2016 in the position of a contributor for World Bank Mission in Washington, USA.


Attorney at law Mirjana Peradović

Located in Vršac, Serbia, with more than ten years of experience as an attorney at law.

Attorney at law Dragan Kapun

Located in Novi Sad, with more than seven years of experience as an attorney at law.

Hargittay and Toth Law office

Law office located in Budapest, Hungary.

Adamou Law office 

Law office located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Huskić Law office

Law office located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Converta d.o.o.

Debt collection agency capable of providing debt recovery in over 110 countries all over the world, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

If the case requires we can cooperate with rest of our colleagues around the world.